We Care for Your Wines. We Recommend High-Quality Wine Cellar Cooling Units by US Cellar Systems.

Custom Wine Cellar Austin recommends wine cooling units manufactured by US Cellar Systems. Their refrigeration solutions have been widely used for many years in both residential and commercial applications. Learn more about the features and advantages you can get from using their products.     

US Cellar Systems: How Can You Save Your Wine Collection by Using One of Their Wine Cooling Units?

When constructing a climate-controlled wine cellar, it is crucial that your builder is knowledgeable about the importance of proper wine storage. Imagine grabbing a bottle of wine from your wine cellar only to find out that it was ruined due to unstable conditions. To avoid this, you must hire a refrigeration expert. 

At Custom Wine Cellar Austin, we care for your wines. We use and recommend wine cellar cooling units by reliable manufacturersWe have been using US Cellar Systems refrigeration units for many years in our residential and commercial projects.    

To help us determine the cooling unit that suits the size and location of your wine cellar, our experts will have to assess all of the requirements. Installing a refrigeration system that has the wrong size and capacity will result in a waste of investment. 

US Cellar Systems Wine Cooling Units Installed in Custom Wine Cellars in Austin
US Cellar Systems Wine Cooling Units Installed in Custom Wine Cellar in Austin

US Cellar Systems Has Proven Its Products’ Reliability

US Cellar Systems is widely known in Austin for their commercial grade wine refrigeration systems. Their products have helped us in creating a safe place for our client’s wine collection.  

Superior Efficiency

The cooling efficiency of US Cellar Systems wine cellar refrigeration units is one of the reasons they are a top choice in wine cellar construction. Each of their wine cellar cooling units can cool a well-sealed room at ideal temperatures and humidity levels.    

RM Series Split Wine Cellar Refrigeration Used by Austin Builders
RM Series Split Wine Cellar Refrigeration Used by Austin Builders
Installation Flexibility

US Cellar Systems products are designed for flexible installation. They have ducted and ductless systems. At Custom Wine Cellar Austin, our refrigeration experts will determine which type best suits your needs.  

Keep in mind that a ducted wine cooling system is the best option if you do not want any visible equipment in your wine room. The two components (evaporator and condensing unit) can be placed outdoors. 

Types, Models, and Features of US Cellar Systems Wine Cooling Units Ideal for Both Residential and Commercial Wine Cellars in Austin

Offering different types of refrigeration units, Custom Wine Cellar Austin ensures that there is a US Cellar Systems product that suits your needs. Each of these wine cellar cooling units is designed for maximum performance.  

US Cellar Systems Wine Cellar Cooling Units are Recommended and Used by Austin Builders
US Cellar Systems Wine Cellar Cooling Units are Recommended and Used by Austin Builders

WM Series Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

The Wall Mount (WM) Series is an excellent option for narrow areas or wine rooms with an irregular shape (e.g., space under the stairs or in a walk-in closet). The evaporator can be installed between wall studs, maximizing the capacity of your wine cellar in Austin.   

There is no need for an exhaust room for heat dissipation, and these refrigeration units are equipped with a built-in temperature sensor and thermostat. 

RM Series Wine Cellar Cooling Units

The Rack Mount (RM) Series wine cellar cooling units are recommended for wine cellars in Austin with medium to high temperatures. With staggered coils and expanded aluminum tubing, these units can provide maximum cooling efficiency. To redirect the supply and return vents, each of the refrigeration units is manufactured with an access panel.  

The evaporator is typically concealed in a louvered grille cover within the racking. We usually use the same material used for the wooden wine racks. 

HS Series Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems

The High-Static (HS) Series cooling units by US Cellar Systems have a compact size, making them suitable for small apartments, homes, wine stores, or restaurants. The wine cooling unit does not occupy any floor or racking space.

It is installed outdoors, 25-ducted feet away from the wine room without compromising its cooling capacity. This type of installation will enhance your drinking experience because of the unit’s quiet operation. The capacities of the HS Series wine cellar cooling units range from 1,800 to 20,000 BTU. 

RM4600 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation Residential Project in Austin
RM4600 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation Residential Project in Austin

DQ Series Wine Cooling Units

For large wine cellars or wine cabinetswe recommend that you choose one of US Cellar Systems’ Dual-Air Quiet (DQ) Series wine cooling systems. With quiet fan blades and medium velocity airflow, this type of refrigeration system produces minimal to no noise. The evaporators are used with an R134 refrigerant. You do not need a heater because the DQ Series has an air-defrosting coil. 

LPQ Series

The Low Profile Quiet (LPQ) Series cooling units are engineered to suit installations where the room’s height is a challenge. The unit is mounted on the ceiling to allow proper circulation of the air inside your wine cellar in Austin. The molded blades and fan guards operate quietly.  

Other Features of US Cellar Systems’ Wine Refrigeration Units that Make Them a Favorite Choice of Our Clients in Austin

  • Factory installed automatic expansion valve (standard) ensures constant coil temperature to promote “Humidity Balance.”  
  • Rust-proof and insulated aluminum housing  
  • Pressure tested by the manufacturer to ensure quality  
  • Textured heavy-gauge aluminum cabinet  
  • Pump-down solenoid valve (standard) protects compressor in the event of leaks  
  • Thermally protected permanently lubricated motor  
  • Staggered high-performance coils with copper tubing expanded mechanically into aluminum fins 
  • Pre-installed valves eliminate additional wiring to the thermostat  
  • Factory-wired for simple field installation  
  • Removable drain pan 

We Care for Your Wines. Choose a US Cellar Systems Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Recommended by an Austin Expert.

Safeguard your favorite wines by choosing one of US Cellar Systems cooling units. Hire one of our wine cellar cooling experts at Custom Wine Cellar Austin to ensure that the structural and technical requirements are met before the unit’s installation.  

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