Clean Looking and Fuss-Free Contemporary Wine Cellar Displays: Recommended by an Austin Expert

Sometimes, a wine room can look over-decorated if the design consists of patterns with curved lines and has many embellishments. Nowadays, contemporary wine displays are increasing in demand because they exude simplicity using clean lines and neutral colors. Learn more about the features and advantages of contemporary design for wine rooms.  

An Austin Expert Builds Contemporary Wine Displays for Residential and Commercial Applications

You do not have to incorporate attractive colors and embellishments into your wine cellar design to impress guests. Going for smooth lines, neutral colors, and minimal patterns is a trend in the design and construction industry. Whether you are building a residential or commercial wine cellar, a contemporary wine display will suit your needs.       

Contemporary Custom Wine Display Storage Designed by an Austin Master Builder
Contemporary Custom Wine Display Storage Designed by an Austin Master Builder

Advantages of Displaying Your Wine in a Contemporary Wine Cellar

In Texas, Custom Wine Cellar Austin is known for their expertise in wine cellar design and installation. Our team’s experience and extensive knowledge allow us to create sleek and minimalist designs for our clients. Why would people go for a contemporary wine display area?  

Neutral Colors: Why Experts in Austin Use Them in Building Contemporary Wine Display and Storage Rooms

When designing wine rooms, we utilize neutral colors, such as cream and light brown, to achieve a contemporary wine display. These colors add warmth to a room. We also use dark colors for a rustic appeal.   

Simple Patterns with Metal Components Add Comfort to the Wine Room

When building contemporary wine cellars, we try to avoid using patterns that do not lean toward contemporary design. Instead, we stick with creating clean lines. To help us achieve this, we use metal wine rack systems. 

Contemporary Wine Display Created by an Austin Builder and Designer for a Restaurant
Contemporary Wine Display Created by an Austin Builder and Designer for a Restaurant

Contemporary Wine Display Racks Offered by Custom Wine Cellar Austin: What are the Benefits?

Incorporating metal and glass components into the design is the best way to create a contemporary wine display in your cellar. One of the most popular manufacturers of metal racking systems is VintageView. Homeowners, architects, builders (including Custom Wine Cellar Austin), and interior designers love their elegant metal wine racks for so many reasons.  

They Can Highlight Wines with Simplicity

Many homeowners who love entertaining guests or hosting wine parties prefer metal wine racks rather than those made of wood. VintageView wine racks are perfect for showcasing wines. They add a luxurious appeal to any space and can create a focal point in your hotel, bar, restaurant, or retail store. They look sleek and stylish. They display the bottles, creating an illusion of bottles floating in the air. Metal wine racks can also go well with any existing decor.    

Contemporary Wine Displays Created by an Austin Master Builder Provide Convenience in Perusing Wines

VintageView’s Evolution metal wine racks are designed with a label forward bottle orientation, which allows customers to read the labels conveniently. With this racking configuration, there is no need to flip the bottle to see the wine label. Flipping the bottle will disturb the sediments and alter the overall texture and quality of the wine.  

Design Options, Installation Flexibility, and Durability
Contemporary Wine Display for a Commercial Custom Wine Cellar in Austin
Contemporary Wine Display for a Commercial Custom Wine Cellar in Austin

VintageView metal wine racks are available in various designs, making them widely used in creating contemporary wine display rooms. We offer the Evolution Series, which are stand-alone or free-standing wine racks. We can customize the height and capacity of these wine racks to fit your space.  

We also have floor-to-ceiling and wall-mounted wine racks by VintageView. If your space is small or narrow, we highly recommend wine racks that are designed to mount on the wall.  

We also offer the Vino Pins Series to bring dull walls to life. It utilizes aluminum and acrylic pins. This contemporary wine storage system offered by Austin installers is suitable for limited space and a growing wine collection. You do not have to modify the whole racking to increase the capacity of your wine racks. You just need to add more pins that will hold additional bottles.    

Our VintageView Evolution metal wine racks are made from stainless steel rods and acrylic support. For the rods, you can choose between Chrome Steel and Satin Black, depending on the appeal that you want to achieve in your contemporary wine display area in Austin.              

Increase the Resale Value of Your Residential Property

Adding a wine cellar display to your home in Austin will increase its value. It will be easier for you to sell your property in the future. A wine cellar is a unique feature of a house. If you need help, Custom Wine Cellar Austin will design and build a wine room that will make your home stand out from the rest.  

Incorporating Glass Components into Your Wine Cellar Will Create a Contemporary Display

Glass is another material used in building contemporary spaces. At Custom Wine Cellar Austin, we incorporate glass components into the wine cellar design of clients who want a minimalist space. 

You will often see glass walls and doors in contemporary wine storage and display facilities. These features not only add sophistication to your space; they also provide high visibility of your wine collection. We have also built wine rooms enclosed in glass, making them look like a gigantic aquarium.

Wine Cellar Racks Peg System
Wall Mounted Peg Contemporary Wine Storage System Contemporary Wine Cellar Created by an Expert in Austin

Custom Wine Cellar with a Contemporary Wine Display

At Custom Wine Cellar Austin, we work with master builders when building climate-controlled wine rooms with a minimalist design. Here are some examples of the projects we have completed.  

Home Custom Wine Cellar with Metal Wine Racks and Rails

Contemporary Residential Wine Room Installed with VintageView Racking

Display Your Collection in a Contemporary Wine Cellar Designed by an Expert in Austin

Custom Wine Cellar Austin is a top-notch designer and builder of contemporary wine storage facilities. We want to create a residential and commercial wine room where you can display your collection impressively. We use our expertise, extensive knowledge, passion, and creativity in constructing exceptional wine cellars.  

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