Meet our Design and Construction Partner in Austin: Classic Custom Wine Cellars

We are proud to work with Austin’s Classic Cellars to offer superior wine cellar designing & building in this area.

How Classic Cellars Became A Premiere Wine Cellar Cooling Solutions Provider

Texas native John Magninat has worked in heating and air conditioning for most of his life. He is an expert in the Texas environment and the needs of both residential and commercial wine cellars. After speaking with Dan Phillips, a friend from US Cellars, John opened Classic Cellars. designing and building beautiful wine cellars with his team of eight employees. His eye for detail, customer service, and excellence in construction practices have made him a great success, and Custom Wine Cellars Austin is glad to be working with them.

What Makes Classic Cellars so Special?

What Other Services does Classic Cellars Provide?

Classic Cellars does much more than design and build incredible wine cellars. They can also service units that aren’t functioning properly, and perform regular maintenance on your cellar, avoiding costly shutdowns that can do serious damage to your expensive wine collection. Owners may not notice any problems on the surface, but the machine that operates in the background may be suffering already from capacitor failure, dirty condenser coil or clogged drain lines. Take advantage of Classic Cellars’ maintenance plans to make sure that your wine cellar will serve you properly for years to come.

Get Classic Services From Classic Cellars in Austin

If you are looking to build a wine cellar in your Austin home, Classic Cellars does it right. We’re proud to partner with them to provide the best service available to our valued customers. Get started by calling Classic at (512) 588-5798.

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