How Austin Experts Designed a Small Wine Cellar to Add Luxury to a Home

You do not need a full-sized room to have a stylish wine display and storage area. With the right planning, design, and installation, any space can be converted into a beautiful custom wine room. Custom Wine Cellars Austin is an experienced and knowledgeable builder of beautiful and functional wine rooms. We have transformed small spaces under the stairs, walk-in closets, and other tiny areas into stylish custom wine cellars.

Exceptional Small Wine Cellar Design Created by Austin Master Builders

Working with a small space always poses a challenge. However, when you work with a professional builder like Custom Wine Cellars Austin, you will not have to worry about it. With extensive experience in the design and installation of wine rooms, our team is dedicated to helping clients build a custom wine cellar in their home or business.

Space constraints will not hinder us from creating a visually appealing and functional wine display and storage area for your prized collection. We have been a partner of top-notch wine cellar dealers in Austin for years. 

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, one of our partners in wine cellar construction, was involved in a large home renovation project. The homeowners wanted to have their private wine storage space for their collection.

They contacted the Coastal team, trusting that their small space will turn into a stylish wine room. After the on-site visit and making a thorough assessment of their needs, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars planned the design carefully to maximize the capacity of the limited space and create an eye-catching wine display area. 

Luxurious Small Wine Cellar Installed by Austin Experts
Luxurious Small Wine Cellar Installed by Austin Experts
Innovative Wine Storage Solution for a Small, Yet “Luxurious” Wine Cellar

With many years of experience in wine cellar design and construction, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars has been providing innovative wine storage solutions for residential applications. They offer high-quality products and services that will not only preserve their client’s prized collection for many years to come but also showcase them stylishly. 

Traditional Custom Wine Racks Designed by Austin Experts
Traditional Custom Wine Racks Designed by Austin Experts
Custom Wine Rack System Ideal for a Small Wine Cellar Designed and Installed by a Top-Notch Austin Builder

In this particular project, they had to build a small yet elegant custom wine cellar in a small space next to the dining area. The room is 20 inches deep.

The Coastal team utilized 13.5 in for the wine racksleaving 6.5 inches deep for moving inside the custom wine cellar when picking a bottle to serve. They had to take advantage of the vertical space.  

What they did was to utilize floor-to-ceiling wooden wine racks to maximize the bottle capacity of the racking. Another way to maximize the small space was to combine bottle openings with different sizes while creating an impressive display of the owner’s collection. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed the wine racks on the back wall.

Top Section

The left and right sides of the top section consist of the same racking styles: 

Horizontal Wine Racks – The horizontal display wine racks on both ends of the upper section and at the center of the back wall were designed to accommodate the large format bottles (1.5 liters and 3 liters) in the client’s collection. These sections are 3-bottles deep for additional bottle capacity. The bottles lay on their sides, with the labels facing out.  

Individual Wine Racks  the rest of the wine racks at the top section are for individual storage.

Middle Section of the Custom Wine Rack System

In the middle section, we incorporated display rows so the homeowners could highlight some of their favorite wines. The bottles are displayed at a 15-degree angle, which will keep the cork moist.

This bottle orientation will prevent the cork from drying out and shrinking. When the cork dries out, it will lose its sealing ability, which can result in wine oxidation.  

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars added LED lights above the display rows to illuminate the bottles beautifully. LED lights are known to have low heat emission, consume less energy, and have a longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs.

Small Wine Cellar with Display Row with Lighting Installed by Austin Builders
Small Wine Cellar with Display Row with Lighting Installed by Austin Builders
Bottom Section

At the bottom section, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars included the following bottle configurations: 

Lattice Diamond Bins – These wine racks were placed on both sides of the bottom section. They are ideal for storing wines in bulk. They are also intended to help the owners group or organize their wines according to region or variety. The bottles are stored on top of each other. Compared to solid diamond bins, the lattice style allows for better air circulation around the bottles. Diamond bins also add character to the small wine cellar designed by experts in Austin.  

Wooden Case Storage – At the center, they added three levels of wooden case storage. These wine racks also allow the client to organize their wines in bulk and for better inventory

Wine Cellar Cooling System Condenser-Placed in the Garage Austin Project
Wine Cellar Cooling System Condenser-Placed in the Garage Austin Project
Wine Cellar Refrigeration System to Maintain a Stable Environment

Before the wine is ready for consumption, it must be aged and allowed to reach its peak maturity. However, you cannot have a safe wine storage room if a wine cellar refrigeration system is not installed in it.

Master builders of small wine cellars in Austin do not recommend regular air conditioning systems because they are not designed to create the optimum conditions required for wine to age gracefully. 

In this project, the Coastal team installed a high-grade ductless split wine cooling system by Arctic Metalworks. This wine cooling unit is efficient, quiet, and easy to install. The evaporator was placed inside the wine room while the condenser was placed in the garage. They concealed the wine refrigeration equipment in a grill cover made of the same wood as that of the wine racks.

Wine Cellar Door

Choosing the right entryway is crucial to making a small wine cellar look big from the outside. For this project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed two double door glass doors to allow entry on both sides of the wine room.

They added a large vertical window between these doors. From the dining area, the family and guests will see the gorgeous wine collection.

Barolo Style Custom Wine Cellar Doors Installed by Austin Experts
Barolo Style Custom Wine Cellar Doors Installed by Austin Experts

5 Tips for Designing Small Wine Cellars According to Austin Experts

Are you planning to turn that tiny space in your home into an elegant wine cellar? Here are some useful tips: 

  1. Use high-end materials that will give your small wine cellar a minimalist and luxurious look.    
  2. Maximize your space with floor-to-ceiling and double or triple deep wine racks. 
  3. Create a focal point using a lighting system that suits your small wine cellar. 
  4. Decide on how much wine you can store in your wine room.  
  5. Consult with an experienced and creative wine cellar specialist like Coastal Custom Wine Cellars and Custom Wine Cellars Austin.

Build Elegant Small Wine Cellars with the Help of Austin Experts

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars has proven that small spaces can become a focal point in your home. Working with a professional designer and installer will ensure that your project will be completed according to your needs and requirements.  

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